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Compliance today is manual and inefficient

Staying compliant today is a real headache. Vendors are hard to book and aren’t always reliable. You’re stuck dealing with paper documents and multiple software systems. Your time is wasted managing vendors and ensuring compliance, and risk fines or even closure.

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Simple, automated

Boh centralizes all of your vendor interactions: appointment scheduling, invoices, reminders, and reporting. Simplify the management of your operations and, most importantly, automatically monitor your compliance.

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How it works


1. Automatic reminders

Get a reminder when a service needs to be scheduled.


2. Schedule service

Choose the time that suits you best to book an appointment.


3. Online dashboard

All your documents - from licenses to manifests - in one easy-to-access place whenever you need them.

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Boh helps you manage all of your kitchen compliance services


Grease Tap Cleaning


Fryer Oil Collection


Hydro Jet Cleaning


Hood Cleaning


Rodent Control


Permit Renewals


Pressure Washing

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